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Fellowship Charter & Motto


Play hard, laugh hard and win, together.


Guild Leaders: For all new recruits to your guild, please let them know that they must read the Fellowship rules before they communicate on the forums, in Discord, or join a Fellowship run.

1. No drama; be courteous and respectful; avoid religion and politics as topics in general chat and alliance chat.

2. Use appropriate language. No swearing, naughty language or sexist jokes. Racism and discrimination are not tolerated. This applies to character names and @handles as well.

3. There is no contribution requirement. Feel free to give to any guilds in the Fellowship if you wish.

4. Real life comes first. See the person behind the computer keyboard.
5. No discrimination; do not act or speak in a way that demeans or diminishes other people. This includes, but is not limited to, disrespect based on race, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, age, or disability.
6. Insubordination is not tolerated; joking around is OK up to a certain point. Malicious or disrespectful treatment of other players (including criticism based on their game knowledge or skill level) is unacceptable.
7. Do not exploit the game! If you are caught intentionally cheating, you will be removed.

8. Do not leave people behind; no zerging for any reason - unless agreed on by all in party. Run at the pace of the slowest person in the party. Support and encourage beginners. Agree on the party rules and method before entering dungeon.


We in the Neverwinter Fellowship take pride in our dedication to be inclusive of all types of gamers, regardless of ability. We have many members who are able to play and enjoy the game in spite of physical, cognitive and communication impairment. Please keep this in mind when playing. You never know who is behind the character you are talking to or playing with in game.

We proudly support the Able Gamers Foundation! Take a look at our custom video on this topic!



• If there is an issue within the alliance, bring it to your guild officers and leaders.
• When someone, regardless of rank asks you to adhere to any Fellowship rule, please show respect.
• Reporting a problem is not drama.
• If you are found intentionally breaking the rules or creating or maintaining conflict, you will be removed.
• The website and our voice channel are extensions of the alliance. All Fellowship rules apply here as well.
• Remember that your actions reflect on your guild and the Fellowship as a whole, especially in PUGs (pick-up groups).
• Apologies are expected after the breaking of any rules, and after generally poor behavior. A simple "I'm sorry" is all that is needed.


• Please use one of your character names or your @handle as your forum name. Current members, please do not change your name.
• Please post an intro in the Roster and Recruitment section of this website, and add your characters to the Roster.
• There is no cross-recruiting allowed from other Fellowship member guilds.

A special thanks to Guild Medieval's Shar for the daunting task of putting together this list, which is a combination of GMs and Tyrs guild rules that have served us well over many years. Naturally we have re-worded some of them to better represent the Fellowship alliance as a whole.


The Fellowship is run by AandretheGiant, with the guidance of the officers of Tyrs Paladium and Guild Leaders and Officers of all Fellowship guilds.

Our vision is to network with hand-picked guilds who's goals in Neverwinter is to share knowledge, fun and adventure among its members, to the betterment of all member guilds. Its a haven for top quality personalities who never put a delve or a raid above the dignity of any member of the Fellowship.