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I started playing NW in late Mod 10 and did not experience Mod 6 for myself but I read that it was chaos and half the players left then.

I hope that they get Mod 16 right and that it will not see history repeating.

I found out (using /played) I have spent on average 6 hours a day in NW since I started playing. Shocking! :p

I will continue playing NW when Mod 16 goes live.

Now, I am just stockpiling AD, RP and gold because I suspect we will need plenty for Mod 16.

Crossing fingers.
I have only sent Shamash into preview so this is more of an OP perspective. Before trying preview I was worried about divinity mechanics and when I went in it did take a long time to recharge. Recent ventures in to preview you can see the work the devs have done on improving it. Muscle memory is changing and while I miss temp HP it makes sense why they removed it.

I am more of a casual player and am looking forward to MOD 16. I also survived SKT and thought that while an interesting concept was so frustrating in implementation. MOD 16 has a different feel and will be different but that doesn't mean bad.

I am also hoarding AD, RP and gold like most people.
Thanks for the feedback!
I am pleased to report that since the most recent changes on preview things are looking better. Most of the quests now work as intended and can be completed. I tried out my Rogue again, and she feels a bit stronger and more responsive now. This is a big change from last week. At-wills now also feel like they have more of a punch. Scaling feels a bit better across the board, but there are still some areas and Mobs that are a problem. (1 shots and stat fluctuation)

Disclaimer: I only tested on my Rogue and did not do any dungeons other than a Master Expedition.
I will try to get in and test my other classes this week sometime and report back on the results.

If you have already played on preview prior to this week make sure you use a free retraining token (Zen Store)
to reset your feats and boons. These have changed on many classes and it will affect your results if you use the new defaults.

In other news the Preview Server Guild is now level 20. If anyone needs an invite you can contact me @oremoger#9999 using ingame mail and I'll get you invited. Make sure to mention your guild name in your email. If a member of your Guild is already in our test server guild they can also invite you.
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