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New updates to the Fellowship site with Mod 13!

Vorena Wolfsbane / Feb 21, 2018
Mod 13 drops in just a few days with a new zone in the Jungles of Chult campaign as well as a new Epic Trial. There have also been several quality of life changes made by the devs that should also drop in Mod 13.

With those quality of life changes dropping we decided to add some to the Fellowship forums too! Aandre has changed around the format a little bit bringing us out of retro-fabulous and into the shiny new layout you now see. Candlekeep Library is undergoing a massive overhaul with everything smaller guilds that do not have a web home of the their own could possibly need to settle right in and get the most out of the site. We'll have class and build discussions, acronyms, and even some basic information for the brand new players to our mmo home. If you have any suggestions for things you would like to have added to the site let me know :)


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