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Welcome to the Tyrs Warcrier's Lounge!

AandretheGiant / Mar 15, 2019

Great job to Garlaanx! So refreshing to hear a respectable review of the State of the Game without the DOOM and DRAMA. He discusses ways to stay positive and have a hopeful and healthy outlook. What do ya'll think?

AandretheGiant / Jun 12, 2016

Up until now, we've been open to guilds only. If you were not part of a guild, that's been approved by Fellowship Council, you couldn't join our channel. We are going to partially lift that restriction, and allow adventurers that are guildless to ...


If your guild Joined the Fellowship.. GET READY to RUMBLE!

by AandretheGiant on Feb 20, 2018 at 02:22 AM

If FUN, playing hard, laughing hard, and winning together as a team is the way YOU wish to play Neverwinter, you are invited to join us!

Needless to say rules are enforced by Tyrs Paladium leadership and Fellowship member guild leaders (they are all Neverwinter Fellowship Officers)!

Here's a step by step video that will help you sign up for the Fellowship site. It was designed for the Tyrs Paladium site, but its the same procedures. Once you are approved, you'll have access to the Fellowship site here as well as the Tyrs Paladium site! So, plenty of opportunities to getting into some AWESOME RUNS!